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How to Update Engrave Master Firmware on Board

There is a easy way to update Grbl or other firmware on board. In Engraver Master software. In order to get the latest firmware, please Update Engraver Master first. Click the Menu button top right of Engraver Master. Select the update firmware menu. Select the firmware version, or load other firmware file with a .HEX extension name. Click Update […]

How to cut colorful craft paper with Engraver Master Software in mini laser engraver ?

Steps: 1» Google some picture which you like ,or make it from photoshop / Inkscape ,or other image processing software. 2» Import to Engraver Master » NC Sender » Cutting Mode 3» Setting the speed at about 700-1000(If it cannot be completely cut off at one time, please repeat it several times.) 4» Start- What […]

Engraver Master software

Download Engraver Master: generate the tool path and no need to trans-code directly. The engraving speed and the laser power is adjustable. There are more function like :change the size of the picture, enter text, import the NC file or dxf file. The file format that can be imported is:jpg,jpeg,png,dxf,g-code(NC file),and so on. Here […]

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