S3020B 40W CO2 Desktop Laser Engraving Cutting Machine DIY Arts and Crafts Wood Engraving Machine

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This laser cutting machine is able to cut and engrave a wide range of materials and deliver excellent precision thanks to its laser beam cutting / engraving technology that makes it efficient in various industries and among DIY lovers.

The high precision and speed three generation modal CO2 laser engraver integrates the most recent and updated features. It is also equipped with a 40W cooling laser tube, a high-quality control board, a USB port that can be connected to your computer and a high precision stepping motor.

This equipment is a cost-effective entry-level laser engraving and cutting machine, with small investment and wide use. Applicable materials are various, such as bamboo, horn, acrylic, plexiglass, plastic, PVC, paper, rubber, resin, felt, leather and other materials. It is the best choice for young people to start a low-cost business, DIY family personality, handicraft, stamp industry.

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  • 50W
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