3018 DIY Mini CNC Engraving Machine,PCB Milling Machine,Wood Router,Laser Engraving,CNC Router GRBL Control,Craved Metal

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CNC+LASER engraving combined into one, suitable for engraving different materials.

Applicable materials: Metal (only 5500mW/15000mW laser can engrave on stainless steel ),Wood, plastics, paper, bamboo, horns, and some cortex (purse), cell phone plastic shell, rubber stamp, photosensitive chapter, sponges, paper.

Non-engravable materials: stone, ceramics, jewelry, reflective material, a colorless transparent material, soft material.(It can not recommended to cut plywood)

Usage: engraving, marking, hand tools and industrial processing

  • No Laser
  • 500mW
  • 2500mW
  • 5500mW
  • 15000mW
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